• New Jersey's Premiere Tile & Stone Showroom

  • New Jersey's Premiere Tile & Stone Showroom

  • New Jersey's Premiere Tile & Stone Showroom

  • New Jersey's Premiere Tile & Stone Showroom

Installation Services

At Metropolitan Tile & Stone, our experience and commitment to excellence is trusted by both contractors and home owners alike. Our dedicated team prides itself on our exceptional customer service and high-quality commercial and residential installation.

From picking the right tile for your home to drafting the plans for how you want it installed, Metropolitan Tile & Stone is here to help you from beginning to end.

Kitchen and Bath

Many homeowners start a home renovation project with the kitchen or the bathroom. People are coming in and out of the kitchen all day. And the bathroom is one room all guests are guaranteed to enter. Metropolitan Tile & Stone is here to help you show your home off in style.

Where can you benefit from tile installation? For starters, the kitchen floor. Kitchen floor tiles are easy to clean in the event of spillage, so the surface is perfect for a busy kitchen. Ceramic is the material most often installed on floors, but marble and natural stone tiles offer a unique, more elegant job. No matter your vision, our kitchen tile installation can be molded to fit just right.

Another great place for tiles in the kitchen is the walls. You can decide to layout the tiles all the way up the wall, or leave a portion exposed to paint. This look gives you the best of both worlds!

You can choose matching tiles and paint, or choose a contrast. It’s all up to the level of design you have in mind. Our kitchen tile installation experts can promptly give your home a fresh look while integrating your creative style and choice in tile arrangement and texture.

After your kitchen is rejuvenated, let us further update your home with bathroom tile installation. Again, we can begin with the floor to make your cleaning of spills and waste much easier. The same design options are available for the bathroom walls.

Go full-out or half-way up the wall. And if you’re feeling up to it, we can perform bathroom tile installation on the ceiling! Make sure to choose colors complimentary to your home’s overall color scheme.

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